A huge thank you to Squaw

Valley Consignment shop

and the citizens of Squaw

Valley for allowing the dogs

to visit! We had a great time and truly appreciate the support.

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Winter IS HERE!


Even if you don't live in the extreme cold, there are some things you can do to help make it more bearable for your dog.  

-Let them sleep inside

      *if you can't bring your dog inside, please give them a warm, dry place to sleep (preferably a dog house out of the weather) and give them lots of blankets.  Also, covering the opening to the dog house with a towels or blanket will help keep the heat in.  Make sure your dog isn't scared of whatever is covering the opening.

-Watch out for mushrooms! Yes, we said it.  When the ground is wet, mushroom spores thrive and can be toxic to both pets and people. Don't let your pets eat them!

-Antifreeze - as little as 1-2 teaspoons can be lethal to pets! If you see any greenish liquid under your vehicle, don't let your pets near it.  Most anti-freeze contains Ethylene Glycol, but you can switch to a Propylene Glycol product that is a little safer.  Even if you switch, please don't let your pets drink the stuff.

-Examine your dogs paws for cracking and irritation.

-Outdoor dogs will burn about 30% more calories than indoor dogs.  If your dog is outside during the winter months, allow a small amount of additional food to compensate.

-Water and food can freeze easily.  Use heated bowls or check their food and water periodically.


-If you live in the snow, watch out for hypothermia and frostbite. Limit their time outdoors 

-Be careful letting your pet around snow melt/salt. These are a skin-irritant to dogs.

-Don't let your dogs lick snow.  This can cause stomach irritation, hypothermia, and there can be unseen objects in the snow that could harm your pet.

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